Blue Skies, Honey Bees, and Easy Living: Welcome to Kansas!

YES, Toto. We’re in Kansas.

The Kansas City area is bustling with old-fashioned charm and entertainment. Here in the Wheat State, residents can enjoy all the exciting perks from excellent schools to intriguing museums to delicious Kansas City BBQ. 

And it doesn’t stop there--residents can also enjoy the lively local nightlife, including Chicken N Pickle, Westport, Missie B’s, and more! And don’t forget theme parks! Kansas City is home to Worlds of Fun, the 235-acre amusement park with enough coasters and rides to leave your head spinning! During the summer when it’s warmer, you can also check out the Oceans of Fun water park, complete with a wave pool, lazy river, splash pads, and more!

Just outside of Kansas City, residents can unwind in the Overland Park area, strolling through the Overland Park Mall or trekking through one of the many serene parks in the area. In terms of apartment living here, I definitely recommend Clear Creek Apartments as it’s situated in a more quiet area of town with the advantage of being just thirty minutes away from the city but without all the stress and endless activity of the area. 

If you’re living in Kansas, always make sure to plan ahead for the weather. While Kansas is nowhere near as hot as Texas, it can still get quite hot during the summer. So always keep track of what conditions are like out there! Even so, you’ll find that living here is relaxed and inviting with friendly faces and simple city charm abound. I can’t wait for my next visit! 


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Dec 10